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    Extol Corporation Sdn Bhd is an innovative company with 30 years of IT Security expertise


Transforming legacy hardware token to modern world's mobile token with our ePassport Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution. ePassport assists organizations to satisfy regulation requirements such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cost effective and comprehensive data protection that can be tailored for the needs of your environment. You can choose a server based, hybrid or a cloud based backup to suit your needs.

Cloud Solutions

We offer subscription based hybrid and cloud hosting service that provides elastic processing capabilities to fit every growing business operation needs.

Security News Network

In a rare occurrence, the American National Security Agency (NSA) has published a statement urging people to update their older Windows systems to protect against the BlueKeep vulnerability. The NSA referenced “growing threats” and noted that BlueKeep “is the type of vulnerability that malicious cyber actors frequently exploit through the use of software code that […]

Under very specific conditions, code running in a Docker container could access files anywhere on a server, according to a new CVE. In an unusual progression of events, the vulnerability and exploits have been disclosed before patches are available. The vulnerability, designated CVE-2018-15664, was discovered by researcher Aleka Sarai. A flaw in the Docker “cp” command, which […]

The NamPoHyu ransomware is doing things differently by searching for accessible Samba servers, brute forcing the passwords, and then remotely encrypting their files and creating ransom notes. A ransomware family was recently spotted targeting vulnerable Samba servers: NamPoHyu Virus aka MegaLocker Virus. NamPoHyu Virus is unlike typical ransomware families that are delivered locally and launched as executables. Instead, […]

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