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Secure Enterprise File Management

Secure. Mobile. Sync. Share.

1. Secure File Transfer

  • Send large files > 50GB
  • No more CD, courier or 3rd party server
  • File level encryption
  • View-only mode/revoke share
  • For intended recipient only
  • PC, mobile & Microsoft Outlook add-in
  • Read notifications

2. Security & Control

  • Ransomware prevention & protection
  • One time password
  • Document link expiry
  • Dual Authentication
  • Central Admin to manage users, storages, devices
    & policies
  • Full edit log

3. Smart & Sync backup

  • Real time synchronisation
  • Auto backup personal files
  • Edit offline, sync online
  • Restore on PC & Mac in minutes
  • Work on multiple PCs, Macs

4. Enterprise Mobility

  • Secure access to sensitive corporate information
  • Collaborate on critical documents
  • Annotate and comment on PDF documents
  • iOS, Android, Windows 8
  • Support multi-profiles
  • Document management; Instant access to files,
    a single source of archived data

5. Efficient & Effective

  • Collaboration; quickly connect with the people,
    content and resources needed to get work done
  • Intranet Replacement; secure environment where
    content can easily accessed by team members
  • SharePoint Alternative; save your work to the cloud
    from native applications and easily share files

6. Trusted by Governments, Financial Institutions & Private Sectors


MULTI-TIERED CLOUD Security (MTCS) Certified

What's the Difference Between EasiShare and others?

(Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc)

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