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Disaster Recovery Solution

Anticipate every situation

malwareData Disaster Takes Many Forms
Ransomware. Hardware failures. Power outages. Human error. Threats to your data are everywhere and evolving fast. Yet many companies rely on outdated backup technologies to protect their server environment.


encrypData Protection Should Be Simple
We offer a comprehensive data protection that can be tailored for the needs of your environment. You can choose a server based, hybrid or a cloud based backup to suit your needs.


sesFlexibility is Key
Our technology allow instant transfer of data stored in servers, hybrid or on the cloud, anytime, anywhere. We are able to dispatch more space and processing power automatically, as your data grow.

Why Extol is a Leading Data Recovery Solution Provider?

malwareCost Effective
Only pay for what you need as your data grow. Choose from a monthly/yearly subscription scheme or pay-as-your-data-grow scheme.


encrypData Recovery Alternate Workspace
We also provide clients a secure, comfortable alternative work environment where key personnel can be relocated to during a disaster or disruption to ensure business continuity.


sesHighly Secure
We are highly committed to making your data are secure by utilizing the latest military grade security solution.

malwareComprehensive Support Package
Extol’s Premium Care Package Support provides technical support & feedback from our engineer within 4 hours. Our helpline is opened within 24/7.


encrypNo Data Loss, Auto Replication & Recovery
Our solution aim to ensure  the highest availability of customers servers by preventing downtime and data loss. We guarantee recovery metrics of  minimum of 4 hours and maximum of 8 hours for both RPO & RTO.


sesOffsite Backup Reliability
With integrated hardware and cloud failover for critical systems, this option provides reliable data protection.

Our Technology

malwareOur hybrid option feature will securely replicate data and secures a second copy in the cloud.
Granular restore and local failover options ensure rapid recovery and minimal data loss.


encrypContinuous replication mechanism maintain a secondary copy without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth.
With support for physical, virtual or cloud source systems or target environments.

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