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The NamPoHyu ransomware is doing things differently by searching for accessible Samba servers, brute forcing the passwords, and then remotely encrypting their files and creating ransom notes. A ransomware family was recently spotted targeting vulnerable Samba servers: NamPoHyu Virus aka MegaLocker Virus. NamPoHyu Virus is unlike typical ransomware families that are delivered locally and launched as executables. Instead, […]

At least 27 universities in the United States, Canada and countries in the Southeast Asian region was reportedly targeted by Chinese hackers looking for information relating to the maritime military technologies to steal. An article from the Wall Street Journal revels that a substantial list of university targets that reflects an elaborate scheme, dates back […]

Let’s Encrypt certificates can now stand on their own for almost all newer versions of operating systems, browsers and devices. Microsoft has added direct trust for Let’s Encrypt certificates, meaning that all major browsers and operating systems, including Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Oracle, now all directly trust the Let’s Encrypt root, ISRG Root […]

The new strategy allows an attacker to instead lift ID information directly from the router, within minutes. Legacy Wi-Fi just became a little less safe: According to Jens Steube, the developer of the password-cracking tool known as Hashcat, has found a faster, easier way to crack WPA/WPA2-protected Wi-Fi networks. Hackers have compromised the WPA/WPA2 encryption […]

Half of breached firms say they were compromised due to a vulnerability for which a patch was available but not applied. Almost half (45 percent) of financial services firms in a recent survey have reported a data breach in the last two years – with many of those attacks being completely avoidable if known vulnerabilities […]

A massive proxy botnet is just the tip of the iceberg, a warning sign of a bigger operation in the works by the Ramnit operators. The recently uncovered “Black” botnet campaign using the Ramnit malware racked up 100,000 infections in the two months through July– but the offensive could just be a precursor to a […]

Production lines were halted for two days, and the effects to the global supply chain for mobile phones could be felt for the third quarter and beyond. A top iPhone supplier, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), has recovered from a WannaCry ransomware infection that impacted the majority of its fabrication tools. The incident could delay […]

The vast majority of IT decision makers appear to believe the hype surrounding artificial intelligence as a means to enhance cybersecurity. An ESET poll of 900 IT leaders in the US, UK and Germany found a disappointing 75% believe AI is a ‘silver bullet’ to helping them counter online threats. Respondents from the US (82%) were much […]

The FCC’s attempt to maintain that its comments page crashed last May as a result of a co-ordinated DDoS attack was actually built on falsehoods, it has admitted. The regulator was forced to make the admission ahead of an inspector general report into the case due to be released shortly. The comments section crashed after millions […]

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