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Skeleton Key
January 19, 2015

Skeleton Key Here is a malware that allows the attacker to log in as any user, without the need to know or change a user’s password.  What’s worse is that Intrusion Detection System (IDS)(Definition) does not raise any alarms.  There are two ways to detect an attacker within your network – through network monitoring software […]

IT News

Spear Phishing – A Growing Concern for BanksIn their relentless pursuit for profits, cyber criminals are narrowing their focus on banks rather than its customers. Why is this so?  Simply because cyber criminals are finding more success targeting banks than their customers.Cyber criminals are resorting to spear phishing (Definition) techniques to fool employees of bank.  They […]

According to security specialist Malwarebytes, a major problem that IT decision-makers are facing is the growing number of flaws found in Web browsers, which is proving to be the biggest endpoint security headache. The growing number of exploitable browser vulnerabilities is a greater cause of concern than any other security issue. Ransomware (see Definition below) […]

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