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Our Services

Extol is focused in the IT Security field and have substantial investments in security threat research from which its clients can leverage upon.


Extol’s Managed Security Services are based on M4 approaches to provide a complete cycle for monitor, manage, mitigate and maintain the customer security infrastructure. Extol’s Managed Security Services are categorized into 9 major offerings to provide multi-layered defences to protect customer’s environment.


SIEMGuard SIEMGuard FirewallGuard FirewallGuard WebGuard WebGuard APTGuard APTGuard
DBGuard DBGuard MailGuard MailGuard DataGuard DataGuard HostGuard HostGuard
IntruGuard IntruGuard ePassport e-Passport PSS Professional Security Services


  1. SIEMGuard, log consolidation and correlation to provide complete security visibility
  2. FirewallGuard, to provide perimeter control into the network
  3. WebGuard, to provide web application protection
  4. APTGuard, sandboxing technology to detect and prevent advance malware activities
  5. DBGuard, database activity monitoring, encryption and protection against database intrusion
  6. MailGuard, email security such as anti-spam and prevent data loss
  7. DataGuard, data loss prevention
  8. HostGuard, endpoint protection, encryption and patch management
  9. IntruGuard, network security that provide signature based, anomaly-based and stateful protocol analysis detection
  10. e-Passport, proprietary two factor authentication solution

Our Professional Security Services (PSS)

  1. Security Consultancy and advisory, the pre-cursor to security assessments
  2. Security Audit & Assessments, as part of our priority to help secure our client’s systems
  3. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consultancy, develop integrated cycle of GRC initiatives such as risk assessment and ISMS consultancy.
  4. Forensic Readiness and Investigations, resulting from our desire to find root causes to incidents and solve our client’s problems

Product & After Sale Services

Security Assessment
Manage Security Services (MSS)
Security Operation Centre (SOC)
Security System Integration
Enterprise Security Outsourcing
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)


Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Intelligence Access Control System
Knowledge Mgmt. System (KMS)
Automated AI, Group Classification System
Secured Cloud Datacenter


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Information Security Management System (ISMS)


Solution Partner for

China's largest public cloud service provider and the 5th largest worldwide
SIEMGuard Cloud Security FirewallGuard Cloud Without Borders WebGuard Safeguard Your Data
DBGuard China's Largest Cloud Provider MailGuard Record Breaking Computing Power DataGuard Economics of Scale

Secure Enterprise File Management

Secure. Mobile. Sync. Share.

1. Secure File Transfer

  • Send large files > 50GB
  • No more CD, courier or 3rd party server
  • File level encryption
  • View-only mode/revoke share
  • For intended recipient only
  • PC, mobile & Microsoft Outlook add-in
  • Read notifications

2. Security & Control

  • Ransomware prevention & protection
  • One time password
  • Document link expiry
  • Dual Authentication
  • Central Admin to manage users, storages, devices
    & policies
  • Full edit log

3. Smart & Sync backup

  • Real time synchronisation
  • Auto backup personal files
  • Edit offline, sync online
  • Restore on PC & Mac in minutes
  • Work on multiple PCs, Macs

4. Enterprise Mobility

  • Secure access to sensitive corporate information
  • Collaborate on critical documents
  • Annotate and comment on PDF documents
  • iOS, Android, Windows 8
  • Support multi-profiles
  • Document management; Instant access to files,
    a single source of archived data

5. Efficient & Effective

  • Collaboration; quickly connect with the people,
    content and resources needed to get work done
  • Intranet Replacement; secure environment where
    content can easily accessed by team members
  • SharePoint Alternative; save your work to the cloud
    from native applications and easily share files

6. Trusted by Governments, Financial Institutions & Private Sectors


MULTI-TIERED CLOUD Security (MTCS) Certified

What's the Difference Between EasiShare and others?

(Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc)

SIEMGuard Business Model FirewallGuard Deployment Model WebGuard Pricing
DBGuard In-country Compliance MailGuard Use Case in Priorityr DataGuard Partner Host

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