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We deliver a comprehensive and complete online brand protection

SIEMGuard235 Happy CLients FirewallGuard30 Countries Served DBGuard18 Languages Spoken MailGuard1823 Brands Protected

We protect you from

SIEMGuardBrandjacking FirewallGuardCybersquatting WebGuardCounterfeiting
DBGuardPay-per-click Abuse MailGuardGrey Market Sale DataGuardDefacement

Why Choose Us?

Complete Brand  Protection

24x7x365 Monitoring

World Leading Takedown Times

Financially Backed SLA’s

Trusted by Major Players in the Financial Sector

Our Product & Services


Utilizing industry leading tools & techniques, we reduce your financial losses, and protect your customers from phishing website attacks

Social Media

Protect your brand by identifying and taking down impersonating profiles.

Brand Abuse

Take control of your brand by removing all forms of online brand abuse

Mobile Apps

Monitor app stores for rogue and unauthorised mobile apps impersonating your brand.


Detect and disable malware specifically targeting your brand and customers


Vishing attacks, or targeted voice calls and SMS’s to your customers can be taken down by our expert team


Pharming attacks utilize rogue DNS servers to direct consumers to phishing sites. Pharming DNS servers can be identified, analyzed and taken down by our expert team.

Pac Files

Our Analysts can identify, analyse and take down malicious PAC files associated with Pharming and Malware Incidents

Why Phishing is a Threat to Your Business?

Financial Losses


Aggravated Customers


Significant Brand Damage

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