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Lending Management Software Development Solutions

About Extol P2P Solutions

AppAsia has implemented the new banking solution, Internet-based P2P Lending platform based on the P2P business model. This platform assists both lender and investor to complete the transaction in a simpler way. This platform supported China P2P business model, where suits from small scale to the large scale of P2P company.

Key Features

SIEMGuard Support Online-Offline Business Model FirewallGuard Fully Managed with PCI-DSS compliant WebGuard Risk Control Management FirewallGuard E-contract management
DBGuard 3rd parties integration MailGuard Debt Collection system DataGuard Database Management MailGuard Automotive Financer

End-to-end marketplace lending system

Our solution covers every step of
peer-to-peer lending: loan origination, marketplace funding,
services, collections and reporting.

Automated risk assessment

With our credit scoring models, credit risk can be
assessed more accurately. Borrowers get a lower loan rate,
and lenders get a higher rate of interest.

Manage investor funds and borrower billing

Automate investments management across
multiple borrowers, 
automatically calculate payment
shares and disburse to investors’ accounts.

Our Process Flow

Why Extol P2P Solution

Proven from successful China P2P model

Successful case approved by Securities Commission Malaysia

Experienced with proven track records

Fastest time to market with minimum customization

Minimum infrastructure cost with PCI DSS compliant

24x7 Fully managed IT infrastructure with peace of mind IT security solutions

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