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Extol Threat Intelligent Notification

Here is a PUP, but not the four-legged kind that some of you may have as pets.  No, this PUP is one you can do without, but unfortunately they sometimes ‘stick’ to freeware (see Definition) and installs without your permission.  These are unwanted programs that you don’t need and don’t want in your device. How do these […]

BREAKING NEWS! It is Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has shipped a bundle of security updates for more than three dozen vulnerabilities in Windows and related software. One of the fix is for a flaw that was first patched in 2010. This was the vulnerability that led to the discovery of Stuxnet, the cyberweapon that was supposedly […]

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How are victims tricked?
March 9, 2015

Humans are always gullible, maybe not all the time but at some point in their lives. No matter how much life experiences we have, we do occasionally fall victim to con jobs, lies, hoaxes and even far-fetched or out-of-this-world stories.   I’m no behavioral expert, but I believe that the reason we fall victim to […]

BREAKING NEWS! In this Breaking News! Edition, we take a look at two potential threats. Cryptowall ransomware makes a comeback Yes, this advisory has talked about Cryptowall, an advance version of Cryptolocker, in previous editions. The cyber crooks have found another way to spread this ransomware – through spam. How are they doing it this […]

BREAKING NEWS! How we love our mobile devices! Some of us can’t live without them. Everywhere we look we see people with eyes glued to their devices – be it while walking in public, in lifts, in trains, cars, buses, in restaurants and the list goes on. One wonders how many people realize the danger […]

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March 2, 2015

Malvertising (see Definition) – a pleasant sounding word, which has a nice ring to it.   Sounds fancy, too. But don’t let fancy words or names fool you. Danger lurks behind this word.Malvertising is basically adverts controlled by cybercriminals with the intent to infect people and businesses. Do these criminals only target specific ads or […]

C-93 virus and Windows Outlook
February 26, 2015

BREAKING NEWS! Here is a virus that your anti-malware program may not detect. Before you get all worked up and hit the panic button, this is not a virus in the strict sense of the word. You are told that you are infected by this particular virus by crooks claiming to be the official Windows […]

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Ransomware – It’s here to stay
February 16, 2015

Though, ransomware has been mentioned in previous issues of this advisory, there is a constant need to be reminded again of this menace.   Simply because it’s not about to go away. Ransomware seem to have taken a sinister turn. It has, indirectly, caused victims to pay the ultimate price for ransomware – with their […]

Carbanak Malware – Banks Broken Into!
February 16, 2015

Will the traditional way of robbing a bank become a thing of the past? Not likely, as not all bank robbers are tech savvy. Nevertheless, in today’s hi-tech world, cyber criminals resort to hacking into computers systems to steal money. In this case, the criminals sent out malicious emails to unsuspecting people who were the […]

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Microsoft Patches for Critical Flaws
February 11, 2015

BREAKING NEWS! Microsoft released patches today to plug at least 55 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system and other software. It was reported that three critical patches are for bug that is considered critical, which means that they can be exploited remotely to compromise their systems. However, most of the flaws are related to […]