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MoneyTaker Grabs $1m from PIR Bank
July 22, 2018

Hacker group, MoneyTaker, stole $1m from Russian bank PIR, transferring the money to 17 accounts at other major Russian banks and before cashing out. Group-IB were hired to respond to the incident and limit the damage, and it is thought that the withdrawal of the stolen funds means most of the money is lost to […]

Researchers at Imperva published their discovery of a new comment spam campaign that is leveraging the popularity of the World Cup to trick people into clicking on links that take them to shady betting sites. The campaign, which mainly targets WordPress sites, is launched by a botnet and implemented in the form of comment spam. […]

Indictments are part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections. The United States Justice Department on Friday announced 12 indictments against Russian nationals, accusing them of engaging in a “sustained effort” to hack Democrats’ emails and computer networks. According to Rod Rosenstein, United States deputy Attorney General, all 12 […]

The thief also had a second dataset, including the M1 Abrams maintenance manual, a tank platoon training course, a crew survival course and documentation on improvised explosive device (IED) mitigation tactics. A hacker has penetrated an Air Force captain’s computer to steal sensitive information about U.S. military drones and other state secrets, according to a […]

The scam emails offer, as proof of compromise, a password associated with the target’s online accounts. A fresh take on the classic sextortion scam is making the rounds, with several reports confirming a new wrinkle in approach: The inclusion of a legitimate password in the email for the campaign. Multiple end users have received scam […]

Cyberattackers have used a bogus mobile device management (MDM) system to target a small – but presumably high-value – set of iPhones in India in a cyberespionage campaign that has some unusual hallmarks. Cyberattackers have used a bogus mobile device management (MDM) system to target a small – but presumably high-value – set of iPhones […]

Reports are emerging of a new sextortion campaign in which victims are asked to pay thousands of dollars in Bitcoin to keep quiet a supposed webcam video of them watching porn. The unsolicited email attempts to trick the user into believing the extorter as it opens by revealing a genuine password linked to the recipient’s […]

E-commerce sites in the US and Western Europe are estimated to lose a whopping $18.6bn this year through fraud, according to a new Forrester report. The market analyst compiled its figures from LexisNexis estimates that in 2017 the cost of fraud was just over 2% of revenue for e-tailers, and that the regions are expected […]

Threatpost sat down with Helme to discuss the state of web security, including certificate transparency, HTTPS deployment, Let’s Encrypt, content security policy and HTTP strict transport security. Scott Helme, the well-known security researcher, international speaker and the founder of the securityheaders.com and report-uri.com free tools for web security, has devoted himself to improving the security […]

A new feature called site isolation is being tapped to protect Chrome users against Spectre. Google introduced new security mitigations for its Chrome browser to defend against recently discovered Spectre variants. The new security feature, called site isolation, essentially isolates different browser work processes between various browser tabs. That means one tab’s webpage rendering and […]