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The notorious Olympic Destroyer malware which disrupted the last Winter Games has resurfaced, targeting several countries in Europe as well as Russia and Ukraine, according to Kaspersky Lab. The Russian AV company warned that the latest activity could spell the start of new destructive malware campaigns from the group behind the threat. “In May-June 2018 we […]

An unusual botnet dubbed Mylobot has emerged, percolating up from the Dark Web – and displaying a never-before-seen level of complexity in terms of the sheer breadth of its various tools, especially evasion techniques. According to an analysis posted on Tuesday by Tom Nipravsky, a security researcher for Deep Instinct, Mylobot’s bag of tricks is bursting at […]

Researchers are warning of a new Netflix phishing scam that leads victims to sites with valid Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates. Johannes Ullrich, dean of research at the SANS Technology Institute, said Wednesday that there’s been an uptick in Netflix phishing mails using TLS-certified sites. The bad actors behind the attacks will take advantage of unpatched installs […]

More than a year after CloudPets connected teddy bears were found to have exposed 2.2 million voice recordings between parents and their children in a significant data breach, Amazon, Target and Walmart have pulled the toys from their online markets. But it’s the installed base of the connected cuddlies that should be of greater concern. […]

The global shipping industry is vulnerable to a range of hacks, including one that can send multi-million dollar vessels on a collision course for disaster, according researchers. Worse, the flaws are trivial to execute and easy to mitigate against, according to a report by Pen Test Partners. “Ship security is in its infancy – most of […]

Google has released its manifesto of principles guiding its efforts in the artificial intelligence realm – though some say the salvo isn’t as complete as it could be. AI is the new golden ring for developers, thanks to its potential to not just automate functions at scale but also to make contextual decisions, based on […]

In the months that have followed Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress, Facebook has repeatedly found itself in the headlines. Once again, it has come to light that the social media giant has been less than transparent, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that certain companies deemed to provide particular value to Facebook were placed on what was […]

A South Korean crypto-currency exchange has lost virtual coins with a reported value of $37m after a cyber-attack on the company. Coinrail explained in a statement earlier today that the attack came at dawn on Sunday. “At present, 70% of your coin rail total coin / token reserves have been confirmed to be safely stored […]

Ticketfly and several major venues’ services are still offline Friday morning as they struggle to recover from a major hack that have brought down their websites and disrupted several public on-sale concert tickets. Ticket distribution service Ticketfly said in a statement that it has launched an ongoing investigation into the incident and has yet to confirm the “extent […]

Researchers have discovered a medium-severity Windows vulnerability that enables remote attackers to execute arbitrary code – and Microsoft hasn’t issued a patch yet. The flaw, which was first discovered by Dmitri Kaslov of Telspace Systems, exists within the handling of error objects in JScript, according to a Tuesday advisory by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative group. […]

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