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A recently observed Zeus Panda banking Trojan attack used poisoned Google search results for specific banking related keywords to infect users, Cisco Talos researchers warn. As part of this attack, the actor behind Zeus Panda used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make their malicious links more prevalent in the search results. By targeting financial-related keyword […]

PayPal informed customers on Friday that personal information for 1.6 million individuals may have been obtained by hackers who breached the systems of its subsidiary TIO Networks. TIO is a publicly traded bill payment processor that PayPal acquired in July 2017 for roughly $230 million. The company is based in Canada and it serves some […]

Google is cracking down on unwanted and harmful Android apps with a new effort that will show warnings on applications and on third-party websites distributing apps that collect personal data without user consent. The effort is an expansion of the Google Safe Browsing team’s mission to enforce the company’s recently updated Unwanted Software Policy for […]

A German security researcher has discovered a group of vulnerabilities in various email clients, collectively dubbed Mailsploit, which allow an attacker to spoof email sender identities without being picked up by DMARC. Mailsploit also allows the bad guys to launch cross-site scripting (XSS) and code-injection attacks. According to Sabri Haddouche, the bombshell issue is that […]

Intel released patches on Monday to protect millions of PCs and servers from vulnerabilities found in its Management Engine, Trusted Execution Engine and Server Platform Services that could allow local attackers elevate privileges, run arbitrary code, crash systems and eavesdrop on communications. In a security bulletin (INTEL-SA-00086) posted late Monday, Intel said the patches were […]

One of the vulnerabilities addressed by Apple in its latest set of security patches for macOS is an arbitrary code execution flaw, which could be exploited via malicious USB devices. Discovered by Trend Micro security researchers and reported to Apple in April this year, the issue resides in fsck_msdos, a system tool designed to check […]

New Mirai Variant Emerges
November 30, 2017

A new variant of the Mirai malware has been observed over the past week targeting new sets of default credentials specific to ZyXEL devices, Qihoo 360 Netlab researchers warn. Mirai became widely known about a year ago, when it started ensnaring insecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices into a botnet capable of launching massive distributed […]

A vulnerability that allows malicious applications to capture screen contents and record audio without a user’s knowledge impacts over 78% of Android devices, researchers claim. The issue is caused by the MediaProjection service introduced by Google in the Android Framework on Android 5.0. This service allows applications to capture the screen or record audio without […]

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are being marketed to the world as the “smart speakers” to put helpful, voice-assisted Internet of Things (IoT) AI into people’s homes.This week we had wearying confirmation that they also, less helpfully, distribute the same security failings into people’s homes as every other device. Specifically, Amazon and Google have […]

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